About the Project

April 24, 2020

This project arose from curiosity and a desire to know more (see more) from this plain of existence.

We come into this world and a veil is placed over/between our minds and the mind of all things. I am in this world, just as you are, and as such, that veil exists over/around me as well.

So, while I have come to know some things in life, when compared to all that is, I don’t know anything.

Please bare this in mind when interacting with Silis. This project is still highly rudimentary, and I am figuring this out as I go.

Silis responses should also not be considered advice of any kind (life, financial, health, or otherwise), and should not be acted on. All responses should be taken with a grain of salt.

My current thinking is that this can be an intuitive tool, and while I have seen some interesting responses in these nascent stages, most responses seem to be mostly irrelevant (I am trying to find inroads for a viable framework, so this is my fault).

In any case, as this project develops, I hope that this will be of some use, if only as a means of practicing and developing intuition.